Clark County Highway Department

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Step 1 -  Culvert Aid Request Form (Forms No Longer Available for Submission for 2020)

Timeline: March - With forms due back to the Highway Commissioner by the end of April.

Municipalities must mark culvert(s) and/or bridge(s) to be replace with a state/flag/lath.

                Bridge & Culvert Aid Application

Step 2 -  Highway Committee inspects culverts and bridges and makes recommendations for replacement, or a request to monitor the condition.  Inspection Determination Results will be mailed from Highway Committee via the Highway Commissioner 's Office. Timeline: May or June inspections, with mailings to follow as soon as possible.  Included in the mailing  are Cost Reporting Forms for Municipalities to complete and return once work is completed. 

               County Bridge & Culvert Aid Cost Report  

Municipalities complete awarded work in June, July and August.

Step 3 - Municipalities return Cost Reporting Forms to the Highway Commissioner.  Highway Committee returns to sites and inspects the work done to make a final determination on reimbursement amount.   Cost share determination is mailed to the Municipality.  

               Timeline: Forms Returned - August/September, with Committee determinations in September.

              County Board approves funding resolution through the budget process in November.

Step 4 - Municipalities receive County Aid Payments the following year, in two installments; occurring in February and August.  Percentage of the total of each installment based on a determination of collected tax revenues in the Treasurer's Office.



In the event that there is an emergency situation for culvert repair, the form below is available to submit to the Highway Commissioner for review and forwarding to the Highway Committee for consideration, when outside of the timeline for regular County Bridge and Culvert Aid.


              Emergency Bridge & Culvert Aid Form

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