How to Trick-or-Treat Safely During COVID-19

Clark County Health Department is supportive of trick-or-treating with good community education around safe practices. Large events and gatherings are still not recommended at this time.


  • Stay home if sick. DO NOT hand out treats or trick-or-treat if you are sick.

  • Trick or treat with people you live with. Household members go together.

  • Practice social distancing. Remain 6 feet apart from people not in your household.

  • Wear a face mask that covers BOTH your mouth and nose when appropriate. This means even under/over your Halloween accessories as necessary.

  • Homeowners distribute treats by placing them in a bucket or on a table on the front porch instead of handing things out. No in-person contact.

  • Have hand sanitizer available. Use hand sanitizer often and before eating or after coughing/sneezing.

  • Avoid public interaction with high risk groups both in the home as well as nursing home facilities.

Additional Trick-or-Treat Safety Reminders

  • Examine all treats and wash hands before eating

  • Avoid eating homemade treats made by strangers

  • Guide children to stay on the right side of the road and walk on sidewalks when possible. Look both ways before crossing the street.

  • Carry a flashlight at night and ensure children have reflective clothing.

  • Wear well fitting masks and costumes appropriate for weather that also avoid blocking vision.

  • Homeowners can post a sign or use porch lights to indicate if they are participating in trick or treat.

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