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    The next drive-through vaccination clinic for Clark County will be on Thursday, January 21, 2021, located at the Owen-Withee-Curtiss Fire District, 100 Matthias Street, Curtiss, from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. COVID-19 vaccines will only be available for those listed below. At this time, vaccines are not available for the general public. Protocols put into place by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) require administration to be limited to those part of Phase 1A, and the start of Phase 1B only. Those who are eligible to attend, please do not arrive prior to 11:30 AM for safety and traffic purposes. Please closely watch the CCHD’s Facebook page. If our vaccine supply is getting low, we will post a notice. Phase 1A (All categories listed under Phase 1A) Healthcare Workers Long-Term Care Residents EMS Personnel Mortuary Workers Phase 1A is defined on page 5 (Table 1) of the Wisconsin State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee (SDMAC). Phase 1B (ONLY what is listed below) Fire and Police 65+ Years Old Clark County Health Department (CCHD) has been allotted Moderna vaccines for the week of 1/21/2021. Appointments are strongly recommended. Please see the link below to sign-up for an appointment. Walk-ins may be available on a first come, first serve basis. Priority will be given to those with appointments. Those without an appointment are not guaranteed a vaccine. Those who sign up for an appointment are not guaranteed a dose if they do not meet the eligibility criteria. Please review the available slots. Slots are limited per time period. Sign up for 1 quantity (QTY) per person that would like to receive the vaccine. Example: There is a van of 5 individuals. Sign up for a QTY of 5. Please sign up for a time slot by 8:00am on the day of the drive through clinic. Those who do not sign up by 8:00 am are not guaranteed a vaccine. Those who are vaccinated will be instructed by staff at the vaccine clinic to automatically schedule an appointment to receive their second vaccine dose. This is not available until arriving at the clinic. As a reminder, those who are planning on receiving their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccination must receive it from the same manufacturer. Those who receive the Moderna vaccine must wait 28 days from their first vaccination before receiving a second dose, and those who receive the Pfizer vaccine must wait at least 21 days. Clark County Health Department 517 Court Street, Room 105 | Neillsville, WI 54456 Phone: (715) 743-5105 | Fax: (715) 743-5115 | Those who are eligible to attend will be required to provide proof of employment of affiliation and/or age (ID badge, recent paystub, etc.) and a driver’s license (if applicable), prior to receiving the vaccine. **Please follow the instructions listed online which includes 3 simple steps.** 1. Review, complete, and print (if able) the fillable COVID-19 Administration Record. Please consult with your medical provider if needed, prior to receiving the vaccine, for any questions you may have. 2. Review the Moderna Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Fact Sheet for Recipients 3. Review V-Safe Information Handout 4. Review FAQ About COVID-19 Vaccination: What Vaccine Recipients Need to Know **Please bring the following items with you to the vaccination clinic.** 1. Driver’s license (if applicable) 2. Proof of employment or affiliation (ID badge, recent paystub, etc.) 3. Completed COVID-19 Administration Record Please wear clothing that will easily allow the RN’s to administer the vaccine (t-shirt or a long sleeve that can be easily rolled to the upper arm to gain access to the deltoid muscle). You will be required to wait in your vehicle for 15 minutes post-vaccination for monitoring purposes. EMS will be on-site and assisting with the monitoring. Expect a potential wait time. Thank you in advance for your patience. For updates on future clinics and eligibility, please visit the Clark County Website. Additionally, please check with your local pharmacy, healthcare provider, etc., so see if COVID-19 vaccines are being offered.

  • Amber, Silver, Blue, & Green Alerts

    AMBER Alert When a child is abducted or is missing, an AMBER alert can be issued, should the case meet the criteria set by the program: The child is under the age of 17. There is an imminent threat to the child. There is information to provide about the abduction. AMBER stands for America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, but is named after Amber Hagerman, who was nine years old when she was abducted in Texas. The AMBER plan spread across the nation after 2003 when President George W. Bush enacted a law to allow all states to have the same method as Texas. Silver Alert For people over the age of 65 who are missing, a Silver Alert can be issued to help law enforcement find the missing person. A Silver Alert could also be issued for people who are cognitively or developmentally impaired. Blue Alert Blue Alerts provide the public with information about a person who has injured and poses an imminent threat to law enforcement or the general public. Green Alert The Green Alerts notify the public when a vulnerable veteran goes missing.

  • Sheriffs call for Calm across the State of Wisconsin

    Over the past couple of weeks, many Wisconsin residents were disappointed, shocked, and angered by either the national election results or the rioting in Washington D.C. at the Capitol. As Sheriffs of the State of Wisconsin, our duties include maintaining peace and public order. We acknowledge many people in our communities feel frustrated and not heard in the most recent Presidential Election. While you may want to voice your concerns and be vocal about them, we as Sheriffs ask that you do so peacefully and respectfully. We understand that being a good citizen means being involved in the operations of our government. You can do this by running for office, contacting those elected to office, and, yes, even voicing your concerns through peaceful demonstrations as protected by the first amendment. The Badger State Sheriffs’ Association (BSSA) is the Association of the 72 Wisconsin Sheriffs existing to support the Office of Sheriff. According to Sheriff Nate Dreckman, BSSA President, the BSSA is reaching out to each County Sheriff, asking them to respectfully request that in coming weeks and months that all citizens exercise their constitutional rights with discretion, care, and common sense in mind. While it is your right to carry and bear arms, doing so in a public fashion may lead to incidents that may likely bring scrutiny to your cause, which will draw attention away from the true cause you are there. “Please remember that we, as law enforcement have a sworn duty to enforce the law. If you step outside of the law, there will be consequences; however, we will also protect everyone’s constitutional rights,” stated Sheriff Dreckman. We will not tell you what to do, but be mindful that you may not know who you are standing next to during a protest. For that reason, you may want to stay home. Those persons may take actions that may put you in a difficult position. Law enforcement around our country is hopeful that no law enforcement action will be needed anywhere. We ask everyone to do their part to ensure that constitutional rights are protected, and it is done so in a peaceful and orderly way. Please don’t be the reason that your Sheriff needs to take action to maintain that peace and public order. Wisconsin Sheriffs are committed to keeping the peace while serving and protecting their citizens and have good relations with their county residents. Sheriffs will take appropriate actions to keep their citizens informed when known criminal activity impacts their county or a threat to their safety is present. As the formulation of plans for protests during this upcoming week and after continue, we ask that you use good judgment. Consider the repercussions of your actions before taking part; we only want you to be safe!

  • Clark County COVID Update

    Neillsville, WI. Clark County continues to work through issues and concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response. On November 5, 2020 Clark County officials issued a notice that access to County facilities would be restricted and exterior doors would be locked. The decision has been made to ease these restrictions and routine access to facilities will resume on January 21, 2021 with the exception of the Clark County Rehabilitation and Living Center (CCRLC). Those with business at CCRLC should contact them directly for instructions regarding access at their facility. “We are asking for the public’s assistance to help in efforts to contain spread of the current pandemic. We are asking the public to avoid non-essential visits to county offices and facilities including the Courthouse, Highway Department, and Adult Development Services.” Stated Christina Jensen, Clark County Clerk and Administrative Coordinator. Please use alternate means of communicating with County agencies such as telephone, email, U.S Mail, etc. to conduct business where possible. Questions related to possible changes in service and methods of contact should be directed by telephone to the agency/office you need to make contact with. If you need to visit a County facility you are required to wear a face covering such as a cloth mask unless you have a condition which prevents it. If you have symptoms associated with COVID-19 you should conduct your business through alternate means and avoid in person visits. This is a challenging time for everyone and cooperation with these guidelines is appreciated. Providing essential services while doing what we can to help limit the spread of COVID-19 is a priority. Again, if you have questions about services we encourage you to call the agency/office you need to contact before arriving unannounced if possible. Additional updates and information can be found on the Clark County website at: Christina M. Jensen County Clerk/Administrative Coordinator

  • Request for Bids - Condensing Unit

    Clark County Maintenance department is seeking quotes to replace the existing condensing unit that supplies air conditioning to the jail. The quotes need to be for a condensing unit or a chiller sized to the original specifications. For details and to look at the project contact Harold Dillenbeck at the Maintenance department 715-743-5221. Quotes will be accepted until 4:00 pm February 5th 2021. They can be submitted to the Maintenance Engineer, 517 Court St., room 301 Neillsville WI. 54456 Clark County reserves the right to reject any and all quotes, to waive any technicality, and to accept any quote which is advantageous.

  • Notice for Healthcare Providers-Limited Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Available Today until 7PM

    We are still here vaccinating healthcare workers! 💉 We have administered 95 out of our 200 available doses! ​ Vaccination Clinic: Owen-Withee Curtiss Fire District located at the Curtiss Station on 100 Matthias Street (in Curtiss). ​ We will continue to offer vaccines to healthcare workers until 7pm on 1/7, or until supply runs out - whatever comes first. We will keep updating our Facebook page as doses become more limited. See County Vaccine page for more information.


    ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS FOR CLARK COUNTY COURTHOUSE FOR LABOR AND MATERIALS TO INSTALL EXTERIOR WALL PANEL SYSTEM The Clark County Maintenance Department is accepting bids for a wall panel system to be added to the exterior of the Clark County Courthouse. A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at 10:30 AM on Thursday, January 28th, 2021 at the Clark County Clerk’s Office, Room 301, Courthouse, 517 Court Street, Neillsville, WI 54456. Physical copies of the contract documents will be available at the pre-bid meeting. To reserve a copy of the contract documents please confirm attendance via email with Harold Dillenbeck at Clark County reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any technicality, and to accept any bid. Clark County is an equal opportunity employer.

  • Drive-Through Vaccination Clinic for Healthcare Providers

    Date: 1/4/2021 9:00 AM For Immediate Release: Clark County Health Department & Partners to Host COVID-19 Drive-Through Vaccination Clinic for Healthcare Providers The Clark County Health Department (CCHD) will be receiving its first shipment of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine during the week of 1/4/2021 and will be administering vaccinations to frontline healthcare workers, as defined on page 5 (Table 1) of the Wisconsin State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee (SDMAC). The drive-through event will be held at the Owen-Withee-Curtiss Fire District, located at the Curtiss Station-100 Matthias Street, Curtiss, on Thursday, January 7, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Healthcare workers will be required to provide proof of employment or affiliation (ID badge, recent paystub, etc.) and a driver’s license (if applicable), prior to receiving the vaccine. Please visit the Clark County website to review and complete important vaccination documents prior to arriving at the clinic. CCHD is requesting the public to avoid this location to reduce traffic congestion. Please be extra cautious if you are traveling in this area. “The availability of this vaccine to our Clark County healthcare workers is a welcoming light at the end of a dark tunnel,” said Brittany Mews, Clark County Health Officer. “We have been working closely with Clark County Emergency Management, EMS, local healthcare partners, and neighboring health departments to plan and prepare for the distribution of this vaccine,” added Mews. The Moderna vaccine will require two doses, with at least 28 days between doses. “This will be the first of many COVID-19 vaccine clinics offered in Clark County. As more vaccines become available and more groups of people are eligible to receive the vaccine, the CCHD and its partners plan to host additional clinics in the north, central, and southern regions of Clark County,” stated Kelsey Wussow, Clark County Health Department, Lead Public Health Nurse. For the latest up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 vaccine clinics and recipient eligibility, please refer to the CCHD’s Facebook page, the Clark County website, or stay tuned for future press releases. END

  • Courthouse Closed Friday, January 1, 2021

    The Courthouse will be closed Friday, January 1, 2021 for the New Year’s Day holiday.

  • Clark County ATV/Snowmobile Trails Update

    For Immediate Release December 151\ 2020 Effective Tuesday, December 15th at 8:00 am, all Snowmobile and ATV trails located within Clark County Public lands will continue to be closed until we reach favorable winter riding conditions. We will continue to monitor temperatures and conditions and will update conditions as they change. Clark County Summer ATV trails located on the Clark County Forest are tentatively scheduled to reopen on May 15th, 2020 weather permitting. Please note that UTV's are not allowed on the Clark County Trails system during the winter months (November 1- May 14). Clark County trails are subject to periodic closure; for updates on recent closures and/or openings please contact the Forestry and Parks Department at 715-743-5140, or visit the county website at for more information on our trail system. Curtiss Lindner Parks and Programs Manager